Due to an overseen condition, we were not able to serve seeded files when Partial File Sharing is enabled. A seeded file is a completed file that still lies in the downloaded directory but is not part of the library directories. The OOB banning code for hosts that never claim their OOB hits was also revisited to prevent problems with hosts that query a popular file and then get submerged by hits and thus refrain to claim the additional hits. We are now much more tolerant to avoid accidentally banning innocent hosts. On Windows, the disassembling of machine instructions was enhanced to further improve the ability to correctly issue symbolic stack traces when encountering assertion failures or during crashes.

Nom: gnutella fix
Format:Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: MacOS. Android. iOS. Windows XP/7/10.
Taille:46.24 Megabytes

Every time the library was rescanned, it could trigger a crash due to a memory zone being declared private and was in fact shared between threads. The crash occurred only when a query was received on the Gnutella network whilst the library was rescanned. The semi-reliable UDP layer TX side was revisited to maximize chances that reliable messages get through completely.

Systèmes distribués, le retour, ou la preuve par Gnutella

The pattern matching code was revisited thoroughly. A new algorithm 2-Way String Matching now complements the Quick Search algorithm and an initial benchmarking is done to compare our own matching routines with native libc versions of strstr , strlen , strchr and memchr. The fastest routine is then selected, to ensure optimal performances.

There is also a unit-test program ensuring proper semantics for the pattern search flags. Improvements [GTK2] Catch column resize events to persist widths quickly. Added "shutdown -x" to stop the program and continue session next time.

Added --resume-session option to request explicit continuation. Improved pattern matching with new algorithm and runtime benchmarking.

Avis sur Shareaza

Record compilation date and time for the crashlog. When running with no GUI, relax mem requirements to become ultra. Use minimum download chunk size to align requested download offsets.

Added statistics for OOB hit notifications we process.

Extensive improvements of the SDBM code to allow concurrency. Several icon updates. Added St. Patrick's Day and NoBanner example skin.

Fixed search dialog's overlapped Shareaza logo. Fixed ugly colors of highlighted icons for example icons of Library Organizer view. Fixed semi-transparent "?

Dialog banner and Media Window logo now skinable including their complete hiding. Fixed not fit long lines in Select dialog. Fixed unused "Gnutella 1" option in Host Browse dialog, now Shareaza will ask G1-only browses under this option. Media Player Settings now keep track of three external media handlers. IRC Changed chat behavior: now "away" status will not disconnect chat session. Also changed chat log formatting.

Fixed lost first symbol when text copied to clipboard. Changed IRC window layout removed header for better view on small screen resolutions. Added IRC channel list preserving even in disconnected state.

Protocoles de Peer to Peer

Added timestamps to IRC status window. Fixed minor bugs. Extended CEmoticons::FormatText method. Changed some IRC icons.

Port : le port sur lequel le servant écoute. Host : IP du servant. Speed : vitesse du servant atteint. Servent identifier : Chaîne de 16 octets qui identifie le servent répondant à la requête.

Avec le paquet push, il demande au servant du fichier d'initier la connexion. Caractéristiques : En-tête.

Kazaa 3.0 à télécharger

Servent identifier : Chaîne de 16 octets qui identifie le servent qui doit pousser le fichier. File Index : identifiant du fichier devant être poussé. Host : IP du servant vers lequel le fichier doit être poussé.

Port : le port vers lequel le fichier doit être poussé. Les pings sont envoyés à tous les voisins sauf à l'émetteur. Les pongs empruntent le même chemin que les pings. Le routage des paquets QueryHits fonctionne comme celui des pongs. Saturation lors de la montée en charge.